Navigating the Murky Waters of Entertainment and Online Banking

Written on 10/05/2022
Mark Allardyce

In the world of emerging economic solutions, securing funding for new projects can be a daunting challenge, particularly in industries rife with cutthroat practices and murky waters. As someone who has advocated for data privacy and control for the benefit of individuals over big tech, I have experienced both the costs and blessings of my endeavours. Along this journey, I have recently encountered two sectors that have left me astounded by their unique blend of excitement, and ruthless practices. 


A Battleground of Talent Individuals

These sectors are home to amazing individuals, brimming with ideas and talent. Yet, beneath the surface, the practices employed can be ruthless, with people being discarded for trivial reasons and novices bound by legally binding contracts that favour the established players. The cunning and devious tactics employed have been both awe-inspiring and disconcerting. However, a realisation has emerged - a realisation that things need to change and that the little guy needs assistance.



I believe the two disruptive projects I’ve been involved will go some way towards levelling the playing field, empowering underdogs and boosting emerging economies. As we anticipate their arrival, it's crucial to stay vigilant and ensure these solutions bring about the desired positive change promised. Together, we can foster a future where fairness, transparency, and innovation thrive in these once turbulent waters. Watch this space.