Being Direct Sometimes Pays Off

Written on 02/05/2010
Mark Allardyce

Just after nearly losing my shirt in the financial collapse, sparked by Lehman Brothers, I was the subject of much harassment for payment of all manner of outstanding bills. Massive bills in many instances. The worst by far being the persistent, pestering of collectors. 


All caused by one man, who’s name for me, had become synonymous with the financial collapse, mine in particular, Punch. 

Late in 2006, we had a fabulous business that was poised to reverse into a shell plc and go on to do great things. We were introduced to a broker and his team of advisors, who’s job was to get us over the finishing line in some style. 


During the early part of 2007, everything went according to plan, with the reversal poised for the spring. Everyone pressed on hard. But, one man in particular, stalled matters with his continual interference and his selfish desire for a string of family vacations. 

Matters moved slowly. 


Cutting a long and tortuous story short, the end of summer drew nigh and the exit loomed close. But, even closer still was the imminent collapse of the financial system, as we knew it. 

Lehman went bust, and took with it many US backers and our deal. 


All down to selfish personal delays. 

My partners and myself had lost personal fortunes in the US overnight. 


And so, it had become a daily routine, a daily dance and clever sword fight with all manner of credit controllers in search of the slightest whiff of cash. 


The trick was to keep them hanging on as long as possible, without making any substantial commitment, to allow time, to keep plates spinning elsewhere and dance with everything else that was threatening. 


The wheels had to be kept on the bus! 


On one such occasion, I was caught, in fact trapped on a call with a very wily collecter who would not take no, nor my bullshit, for an answer. The conversation dragged on & on and I felt I was losing the will to live. 


When suddenly my laptop pinged with a LinkedIn contact request from:. 


‘Credit Punch’. 


My eyes were firmly fixed in disbelief at the laptop screen as my mouth spit out the words  ‘FUCK OFF’. 


To which the controller in my ear fell to silence. 


Eventually a quiet voice said ‘I’m so sorry you feel that strongly about it and I’m sorry I’ve upset you, would it help if I leave it 30 days before I call again?’



AND THE MORAL IS: Being direct sometimes pays off..