ICM (Institute of Credit Management) ICMOS - Credit Control and Receivables Management System

Written on 10/09/2012
Mark Allardyce

Credit Control & Receivables Management – CICCWORLD – Credit In Control Corporation (2003 - 2012)

There’s a curious misconception all too often found in the corridors of business that credit management is somehow very dull. That the endless phone calls, e-mails and ever more strident letters of intent are all very tedious and have more in common with the office cleaner, tidying up at the end of the day, than with the bright-eyed sales executive closing yet another deal. And yet, how very muddled such thinking is. It would be a very odd farmer indeed who planted the corn seed and then forgot to reap the harvest.

In truth, credit management is not only vital, it can also be fun.

Unlikely, but true. And that’s because CICCWORLD, partnering with the UK Institute of Credit Management (ICM), formed some 70 years ago is Europe’s largest credit management organisation, and second largest globally, have brought a wealth of experience in e-learning and interaction to the table. Quite suddenly, the supposedly dusty corner of the business universe is alive with on-line education, testing, tracking and performance evaluation. Monitoring, reporting, encouraging, supporting. The Web 2.0 paradigm brought to bear on this vital business discipline, tailored to both your individual employees and to your company alike.

So successful has been the partnership of CICCWORLD and the ICM  –  working together as ICM Online services, that the flagship ICMOS website has been officially adopted by Lord Mandelson’s Business and Enterprise department as the voice of government. To such a testimony, add a client list that includes HMRC, British Gas, Shell, National Australia Bank, HSBC, BT, and PWC and the composite picture of an accomplished, experienced and versatile source of advice and product development quickly emerges. Supplied as a range of web-sites, on-line guides and training modules, active tools and screening, the ICMOS strategies for credit management, underpinned by the software development and innovation of CICCWORLD, put your cash-flow where it should be. In profit and in control. Management, control, analysis, on-line engagement and e-learning in key business disciplines, essential to your company’s success.