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Written on 09/28/2009
Mark Allardyce

Mark Allardyce is an alumni of NCC Education who has a CV that can only reflect the goals of the most ambitious businessman, as he has successfully managed to set up his own business and sell it on the London Stock exchange for over £4 million. Mark exclaims that his success is with thanks to NCC Education, as he recalls his qualification as his ‘passport to industry’.

Mark, an NCC Education graduate from the University of Salford is glad that he studied for his computing qualification with NCC and decided to share the secret to his success to other aspiring students so that you too can be successful.

Marks story went like this:

Upon graduating from the University of Salford, Mark worked in the Computer Laboratory for some years before moving to British Nuclear Fuels as Senior Operations Consultant. Being an accomplished climber and sportsman, Mark began delivering lectures at the University of Salford on recreation and outdoor activity and developed a specific interest in the application of software systems. Subsequently, field trips were embarked on to the Artic to study the effects of exercise in extreme conditions on staff and students, which led to the establishment of a software research and development unit at the University of Salford Human Performance Laboratory. Consequently, Mark pioneered his own interactive healthcare software and set up his first independent software development company. With his significant in-roads already into the Healthcare and Corporate market, Mark screened hundreds of thousands of employees throughout the UK and Europe.

Mark’s venture became more viable as he developed his portfolio of products and with his overriding ambition he managed to position the company as the ‘number one’ interactive healthcare software supplier. Such systems eventually supported some 9 million lives, as well as providing 40% of the UK secondary care cardiac rehabilitation units with online diagnostic assessment and were supported with 24-hour technical cover from an operations team of more than sixty programmers, project managers and technicians working in a number of countries. Key to the success of these systems was the provision of full medical audit trails, which proved invaluable to clinicians in their search for solutions. CALM was sold for over £4 million in 2000. Mark was retained as CEO, with offices in Manchester, London, New York and Jerusalem.

Since retiring from the PLC, Mark has established, launched and sold several other businesses. As a Founder Director of his current businesses: (interactive learning) and (interactive publishing), Mark has led a formidable international development team. Operating in an area of constant improvement and boundary expansion, utilising emerging capacity, improving efficiency, providing powerful enablement through knowledge and control of applications this team has developed innovative on line education and publishing systems.

With offices in Manchester and New York the group is now positioning itself for an exciting period of expansion.

Mark was a speaker at the NCC Education 6th International Conference, held on the beautiful island of Langkawi, in October 2008. He shared his success story with hundreds of our NCC Education delegates. He expressed his desire to help our students and others, through our delegates, by passing on his story. His presentation was a testament to the quality of the education he received plus his own hard work and determination. His inspiring advice to students is to be prepared to start at the bottom and work their way up, remaining aware of the fact that, along the way they will encounter heartache and disappointment. To continue on their journey they will need to exhibit tenacity. Mark’s final words were that “students should never underestimate the truly international power of their NCC education!”

Mark is pleased to offer his help to NCC Education students. If you’d like to organise a talk and presentation for your students, then please contact marketing for further information.