IPGOS Solution

Written on 10/06/2012
Nick Turnbull

If it is true that the internet, now married to an increasingly sophisticated broadband network, has at last brought broadcasting freedom, then that new franchise is most obviously embraced by the introduction of the IPGOS delivery platform.

Seamless, uncomplicated, user-friendly and unique in concept and in execution, the IPGOS delivery caters for all. From the large corporates to the villagers of Central Asia. From the world’s film and television studios to the garden-shed wannabees, recently and completely celebrated in Garth Jennings’ Son of Rambo. The internet is for all and the IPGOS platform, by default therefore, must be its preferred tool.

‘It’s the page that thinks it’s a website.’

True. But the IPGOS strategy goes one very important step further. In apparent functionality, there can be little perceived difference between the experience of a professionally constructed website and an IPGOS page. Both will offer genuine multimedia, both will offer interaction. There, however, the similarities cease for it is now that the differentiator, the very important step, emerges.

The conventional website, no matter how elegant or content-rich, remains one among many. One of many millions, if the truth were to be told. It can be book-marked, along with several hundred other favourites. It can advertise and promote itself. It can perform all manner of ingenious and often very expensive contortions to pull its audience in from the cold. But it will ever remain essentially passive, visited only when its guests make the efforts to do so.

The ingenuity of the IPGOS delivery is that it belongs to a very much more pro-active school of thought. A school in which words such as ‘initiative’ and ‘pro-activity’ can rub shoulders with others such as ‘engagement.’ The strategy of IPGOS is that it pushes its message out to the world. Working as an e-mail, itself no more and no less than the front end, the skein of the larger picture, the IPGOS experience is delivered without difficulty, without interruption, without effort. The seamless, uncomplicated, user-friendly experience referred to earlier. All the advantages of a website but, for author and end-user alike, with none of the attendant baggage of the conventional website experience.

And it is this concept, perhaps, that lies at the heart of the IPGOS thought process. It finds its audience and it starts the conversation rather than waiting for an occasional passer-by to do so. And, in a world in which the medium has rapidly become the message, those who control the conversation’s initiative must also control its balance.

As an adjunct, it must also be observed that control is fundamental to the IPGOS paradigm. Control for the author and sender is self-evident. Control for the copyright holder is assured as the content remains on the IPGOS servers. Control is guaranteed for the advertiser and sponsor, as the IPGOS modus operandi not only knows where the message is going but which is also tracking each move its recipients will make, monitoring their experience of that message and thus determining its value and interest for them. And, ultimately, there is control too for the end-user. A click and the e-mail is opened. Another click, and it’s closed. Seamless. Uncomplicated. User-friendly.

And unique.

For corporate user and message-makers. For film and television producers. For magazine publishers and for drivers of information. In short, for more or less anyone with a song to sing and a story to tell, broadband has provided the opportunity to address the world.  And IPGOS, the means to do so.