CATSS & CALM (1984 - 2002)

Written on 04/04/2007
Mark Allardyce

Although CALM (Computer Assisted Lifestyle Management) was not launched until the 90’s, software development of ground breaking online healthcare services commenced in the early 80’s at Salford University’s Human Performance Laboratory and found a home within the booming fitness industry. CATSS (Computer Analyzed Training Sports Science) was launched at London’s Olympia in 1985.

By the early 90’s the product range had grown to include multiple Apps covering: Lifestyle, Health Stress, Nutrition, Fitness, Work related Stress, and Cardiac rehabilitation.

By the late 90’s all healthcare systems were web based and had grown to screen hundreds of thousands of employees throughout the UK and Europe in organizations such as BP, Cadbury, Rover, British Steel, Airports, Banks, Military, Government, Police, Fire, Ambulance and Hospitals.


In excess of 40% of the UK's National Health Service Cardiac Rehabilitation Units were using our services, with over 2000 systems on 24 hour support. We were among the first companies to link NHS primary and secondary care services, in real time, over the NHSNET.

The Company was sold in 1999, at the height of the dot com boom, to a fully listed company on the London Stock Exchange. The business grew rapidly, with offices in London, New York, Jerusalem and Manchester, with an operations team of more than sixty programmers, project managers and technicians. With thousands of systems globally on full support, we serviced over 9 million covered lives in US HMO’s and over 15 million in EAP’s.