About Mark

Written on 03/14/2022
Mark Allardyce

Mark Allardyce, a tech industry veteran, recognised for his over 30 years of experience in strategic technical, financial, and business development. Originally from the United Kingdom, Mark has successfully taken technology startups through to fully-listed entities and developed numerous apps with a worldwide user base numbered in the millions. He has a proven track record of strategically scaling up companies and achieving the UK’s coveted 'Crown Commercial Supplier' status unlocking significant new growth opportunities. He has supplied numerous offices of the British Government and overseas territories, including HMRC, Military, Prisons, Police, Fire, Ambulance and the NHS. Mark's extensive commercial client base includes BP, Shell, PWC, Banks, Airports, Cadbury, British Gas, and British Telecom.


His expertise spans multiple domains, including healthcare, secure information exchange, fintech, cybersecurity, cloud services, blockchain services, and privacy & control. He is a leading voice in advocating for collective action to monetise data privacy and control for the benefit of the individual, rather than Big Tech. Mark’s understanding of the challenges that emerging economies encounter when securing funding for new projects allows him to aid financial institutions in establishing effective funding mechanisms that reduce missed opportunities.


As a technology specialist, he has been involved in strategic projects in regions across the globe, including Europe, the Middle East & North Africa, North & South America, Asia Pacific, and the Caribbean. He embraces innovation in a focused way by bringing capital, incubation, and forward-thinking mentoring together with many entrepreneur platforms worldwide. Mark's extensive experience in corporate structures and capital raising globally, combined with his strategic technical, financial, and business development expertise, has led to numerous invitations to contribute to working advisory groups. He is a featured speaker on various technology platforms, from conferences to TV and press, where he addresses the benefits of understanding how a startup mentality could dovetail into modern financing and emerging economic structures.